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Together, Let's Stop SIDS 

Congratulations! Whether you’ve just found out you are pregnant or are caring for a new baby, this is your gateway to support. First Candle is here to offer information, materials and advice on how to help keep your baby healthy and safe, both during pregnancy and after birth.

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The ABC's of Safe Sleep 

Every child should sleep alone, on their back, in their crib.

Despite the existence of compelling research and statistics about the importance of safe sleep in reducing our nation’s high rate of infant mortality, the number of babies who die in adult beds and other unsafe sleep environments is on the rise.

Click here for helpful safe sleep guidelines.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about safe sleep.






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"I love this store!

They have great selections for both baby and kid's furniture. Everything is beautifully displayed so it's just a pleasure to shop. And the salespeople are actually helpful and knowledgeable, which you can't say that about a lot of places these days."

- J.R. Kelley
"Treehouse Kids offers the best quality furniture and delivery and set up is great too! Friendly helpful knowledgeable staff.. Great experience!"

"Definitely the best place to go if you're in the market for baby or kids' furniture that's a step above what you might find at one of the big box retailers.

Really nice showroom - friendly, knowledgeable and helpful sales staff, too. Was really impressed by the personal service offered here.

Really good experience - I would highly recommend!"

- M. Heilman, Cincinnati

"This is the very best store for all your kids needs. There are great deals and merchandise and also locally owned so there is never a problem and the staff is great . The proprietor is hands-on so you are in good hands. By the way, Treehouse Kids also has great things for mom, such as bags, chairs and so on."

- C.R. Cooper

"Treehouse Kids is a wonderful, unique store if you're looking for quality, upscale baby or kids furniture that is a step above what you'd typically find at big box retailers. They have a nice selection of popular strollers, car seats, baby carriers and the latest in all kinds of modern baby gear.

Their brand new Tri-County area showroom is comfortable, well-lit and cozy, and the friendly sales staff is second to none in helping you find exactly what you're looking for. They also have a convenient delivery service, easy financing and online shopping on their website.

They're a Cincinnati company, family owned and operated, so you get the added benefit of a higher level of personal attention that you won't get at big, national retailers (you get spoiled quickly here!)

Check this store out before you go anywhere else. It will quickly become your favorite kids store!"

- A Satisfied Customer
"We registered at one of the major national baby store chains, but found their selection to be somewhat lacking when it came to some of the bigger ticket items we wanted, i.e. strollers, car seats, furniture, etc. Specifically, we were interested in seeing and comparing: strollers by Orbit, Teutonia, Phil & Ted, Uppababy; baby furniture by Munire; etc... none of which the major national chain carried.

After some research online, I found a baby specialty store local to Cincinnati, Treehouse Kids Co. It's about a 45 minute drive away for me, but turned out to be totally worth it. Their store is pretty large, the selection was much higher quality than the national chain store we had registered at, and their employees are super knowledgeable and helpful regarding their items.

We ended up starting a second registry there, and got our stroller, crib, and infant car seat from them... which totaled $1500+... but sometimes, you really do get what you pay for. And I don't mind paying for quality and excellent service... which is what you get at Treehouse Kids Co."

- Elaine M., Alexandria, VA

"Very cool kids stuff."
- Caide Mae Horner, Sharonville, OH